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 Sigma Research <in partnership with others have just released there study "What do you need? 2007-2008" covering all aspects of living with HIV. The report is interesting and covers many areas. Of particular concern is Section 12 on Anxiety & Depression which is why I mention the study in this forum.

Engaging with people as I do through this website. Often the problem is a lack of understanding and poor access to support for HIV & the mental health issues that arise. This is something we feel needs a greater focus. Good Mental Health = Good Overall Health. Adherence is better and the key "Quality of Life" is better achieved.  Merely dealing with the physical dispensing the pills isn't always enough.

NAM have an article on the findings - click here.<

Click here for the Sigma Study.<

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Are you interested in community-led research? Are you openly living with HIV? Do you want to join others around the world and be part of a global initiative to address stigma and discrimination? Get involved in a community driven research initiative to measure the HIV related stigma and discrimination in the UK.


The UK is one of the leading countries to work with The People Living with HIV Stigma Index-a research and advocacy initiative to measure stigma and discrimination relating to HIV (<).

"When it comes to crying, shouting, speaking out against stigma-I have done it. But I have been struggling with the evidence to quantify it. As a researcher and as an advocate, I now have the missing link."  (Stigma Index Researcher, Uganda)

The perspectives of people living with HIV will be utilized to improve programs for people living with HIV, and increase access and uptake of services. The objective of the study is to empower individuals involved in the index through documenting experiences and listening to individual stories.

People living with HIV are invited to participate in a confidential questionnaire which will provide statistical evidence to improve policies, and ensure that these are grounded in the realities of people living with HIV.  

Contact the Stigma Index team by phone (0207 127 0017) or email (<) to get involved. Participants will be offered £20 (inclusive of travel expenses) for completing the questionnaire.