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Mental Health and HIV Home Page



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Mental health<, the very poor relation to our physical health, is quite widespread within society generally.  It carries with it much stigma.

We know that employers are reluctant to employ someone with a history of mental health< let alone any other disabling condition.  

We also know that when we engage with the state for disability benefit entitlements or access to any form of social care. Mental health can be “passed over” in the assessment process.

HIV/AIDS can lead to problems with mental health<, either because of the effect of the virus on brain chemistry or medication taken, maybe in some cases both.

The issues around being diagnosed and the stigma faced from having the illness also contribute to mental well-being.  Disclosure to loved ones, employers, friends can heighten anxiety given the fear of the reaction to this news. Changes to appearance, wasting for example, low self-esteem, etc.

So here we want to achieve a few things.  

As always we want to share personal experiences and stories.  Build the picture as it is.

  • To support each other on the issues we face.
  • To understand the Mental Health support you access or the lack of support in your area. 
  • What are your "coping strategies"? Share them they may inspire someone else.

This is a big subject.  

We want to campaign on more recognition of the mental health issues faced by those living or affected by HIV/AIDS.  We will also do our best to gather information you may find useful. Of course your contributions as always, are very welcome and matters the most.< You can find out how to post by clicking here.<